Airports in Boston, MA and New England

Boston and surrounding areas of Massachusetts offer more than a dozen private jet airports for your flight, providing the utmost convenience and flexibility for leisure and business travelers.

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Many airports offer quick, efficient arrivals/departures using private terminals, along with upscale travel services for clients and flight crews.

Boston and New England are popular areas for private aviation. Many airports in the area serve as the home for a number of aircraft operators and charter planes. If you have flexible dates, times, and airport choices, our brokers can search all of the aircraft in New England to match your with an empty leg deal, reducing the cost of your flight by up to 50% or more!

Whether you’re connecting to a commercial flight at (BOS) Boston Logan, avoiding commercial traffic by flying to (BED) Bedford, or traveling to destinations commercial airlines can’t reach, our private jet charter Boston team will help determine the right airport for your flight.

Boston Airports

Logan International (KBOS, BOS)
Boston, MA | Runway: 10,083 feet | FBO: Signature Flight Support

Laurence G. Hanscom Field (KBED, BED)
Bedford, MA | Runway: 7,011 feet | FBO: Jet Aviation – Rectrix Aerodrome Center – Signature Flight Support

New Bedford Regional (KEWB, EWB)
New Bedford, MA | Runway: 5,504 feet | FBO: Colonial Air – Nor East Aviation – Sandpiper Air

Lawrence Municipal (KLWM, LWM) 
Lawrence, MA | Runway: 5,001 feet | FBO: Eagle East Aviation – Lawrence Jet Center

Beverly Regional (KBVY, BVY)
Beverly, MA | Runway: 5,001 feet

Norwood Memorial (KOWD, OWD)
Norwood, MA | Runway: 4,008 feet | FBO: Flight Level Aviation

Marshfield Municipal—George Harlow Field (KGHG, GHG)
Marshfield, MA | Runway: 3,900 feet | FBO: Shoreline Aviation

Provincetown Municipal (KPVC, PVC)
Provincetown, MA | Runway: 3,502 feet | FBO: Cape Air

Additional Airports in Massachusetts 

Martha’s Vineyard Municipal (KMVY, MVY)
Martha’s Vineyard, MA | Runway: 5,504 feet | FBO: Martha’s Vineyard Airport

Nantucket Memorial (KACK, ACK)
Nantucket, MA | Runway: 6,303 feet | FBO: ACK Airport

Barnstable Municipal (KHYA, HYA)
Hyannis, MA | Runway: 5,425 feet

Plymouth Municipal (KPYM, PYM)
Plymouth, MA | Runway: 4,350 feet | FBO: Alpha One Flight Services

King Field-Taunton Municipal (KTAN, TAN)
Taunton, MA | Runway: 3,500 feet | FBO: Taunton Municipal

Worcester Regional (KORH, ORH)
Worcester, MA | Runway: 7,000 feet

Westover Metropolitan (KCEF, CEF)
Springfield, MA | Runway: 11,598 feet | FBO: Metro Air Services

Westfield-Barnes Regional (KBAF, BAF)
Westfield, MA | Runway: 9,000 feet | FBO: Rectrix

Chatham Municipal (KCQX, CQX)
Chatham, MA | Runway: 3,001 feet

Pittsfield Municipal (KPSF, PSF)
Pittsfield, MA | Runway: 5,791 feet | FBO: Lyon Aviation

Harriman-and-West Airport (KAQW, AQW)
North Adams, MA | Runway: 4,300 feet

Cape Cod Airfield (2B1)
West Barnstable, MA | Runway: 2,700 feet

Northampton Airport (7B2) 
Northampton, MA | Runway: 3,335 feet | FBO: Northampton Aeronautics

Popular Private Jet Airports in New England


Hartford–Brainard (KHFD, HFD)
Hartford, CT | Runway: 4,417 feet | FBO: Hartford Jet Center

Bradley International (KBDL, BDL)
Windsor Locks, CT | Runway: 9,510 feet | FBO: Signature Flight Support – Tac Air

Igor I. Sikorsky Memorial (KBDR, BDR)
Bridgeport, CT | Runway: 4,761 feet | FBO: Atlantic – Three Wing – Volo Aviation

Tweed New Haven (KHVN, HVN)
New Haven, CT | Runway: 5,600 feet | FBO: Robinson Aviation

Waterbury–Oxford (KOXC, OXC)
Oxford, CT | Runway: 5,800 feet | FBO: Atlantic Aviation

Danbury Municipal (KDXR, DXR)
Danbury, CT | Runway: 4,422 feet | FBO: Reliant Air

Meriden Markham Municipal (KMMK, MMK)
Meriden, CT | Runway: 3,100 feet

Robertson Field (4B8)
Plainsville, CT | Runway: 3,665 feet | FBO: Interstate Aviation

Skylark Airpark (7B6)
East Windsor, CT | Runway: 3,242 feet


Augusta State Airport (KAUG, AUG) 
Augusta, ME | Runway: 5,001 feet | FBO: Maine Instrument Flight

Portland International Jetport (KPWM, PWM)
Portland, ME | Runway: 7,200 feet | FBO: Northeast Air – MAC Jets

Biddeford Municipal Airport (B19)
Biddeford, ME | Runway: 3,000 feet | FBO: Biddeford Municipal

Bangor International Airport (KBGR, BGR)
Bangor, ME | Runway: 11,440 feet | FBO: Bangor Aviation Services

Dewitt Field-Old Town Municipal Airport (KOLD, OLD)
Old Town, ME | Runway: 3,998 feet | FBO: Old Town Aviation

Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport (KBHB, BHB)
Bar Harbor, ME | Runway: 5,200 feet | FBO: Columbia Aviation

Waterville Robert LaFleur Airport (KWVL, WVL)
Waterville, ME | Runway: 5,500 feet | FBO: LaFleur Airport

Knox County Regional Airport (KRKD, RKD)
Rockland, ME | Runway: 5,007 feet | FBO: Downeast Air

Brunswick Executive Airport (KBXM, BXM)
Brunswick, ME | Runway: 8,000 feet

Sanford Seacoast Regional Airport (KSFM, SFM)
Sanford, ME | Runway: 6,389 feet | FBO: Southern Maine Aviation

Dexter Regional Airport (1B0)
Dexter, ME | Runway: 3,008 feet

Belfast Municipal Airport (KBST, BST)
Belfast, ME | Runway: 4,000 feet

Pittsfield Municipal Airport (2B7)
Pittsfield, ME | Runway: 4,003 feet

New Hamsphire

Manchester–Boston Regional Airport (KMHT, MHT)
Manchester, NH | Runway: 9,250 feet | FBO: Signature Flight Support

Concord Municipal Airport (KCON, CON)
Concord, NH | Runway: 6,005 feet | FBO: CAS

Nashua Airport at Boire Field (KASH, ASH)
Nashua, NH | Runway: 6,000 feet

Portsmouth International Airport at Pease (KPSM, PSM)
Portsmouth, NH | Runway: 11,321 feet | FBO: Port City Air

Skyhaven Airport (KDAW, DAW)
Rochester, NH | Runway: 4,201 feet | FBO: Phillips 66 Aviation

Lebanon Municipal Airport (KLEB, LEB)
Lebanon, NH | Runway: 5,496 | FBO: Granite Air Center

Rhode Island

Theodore Francis Green State Airport (KPVD, PVD)
Warwick, RI | Runway: 7,166 feet | FBO: Northstar Aviation

North Central State Airport (KSFZ, SFZ)
Pawtucket, RI | Runway: 5,000 feet

Quonset State Airport (KOQU, OQU)
North Kingstown, RI | Runway: 7,504 feet

Newport State Airport (KUUU, UUU, NPT)
Newport, RI | Runway: 2,999 feet

Block Island State Airport (KBID, BID)
Block Island, RI | Runway: 2,502 feet


Burlington International Airport (KBTV, BTV)
South Burlington, VT | Runway: 8,319 feet | FBO: Heritage Aviation

Edward F Knapp State Airport (KMPV, MPV)
Barre/Montpelier, VT | Runway: 5,002 feet | FBO: Heritage Aviation

Morrisville–Stowe State Airport (KMVL, MVL)
Morrisville, VT | Runway: 3,700 feet

Middlebury State Airport (6B0)
Middlebury, VT | Runway: 3,200 feet